Laser cutting and engraving
Laser cutting and engraving
We have a variety of lasers to ensure optimal results on a wide range of materials. Open format equipment allows us to accommodate larger material sizes and shapes. It also affords the flexibility to use unique fixture designs.
Maximum cutting area: 4' x 2'
Maximum cutting thickness: 3/4" to 1.5" depending on the material.
Engraving area: up to 47" x 24" and varies by machine.
Rotary engarving maximum diamter: 6" Fine sandblasting area: ~2' x 1'
UV Printing
UV printing coroplast signs
Our full-color, high resolution printer with UV curable ink can decorate a wider variety of materials than any other type of printer. It also has the ability to print on objects up to 11.5" in height, one of the largest capacities in the industry. The ability to print a white background under any color graphics allows for true-color representation regardless of the substrate color. All this with UV stable, semi-flexible, abrasion and chemical resistant ink allows print on boxes, completed assemblies, and many off-the-shelf items.
Maximum print area: 24" x 18"
Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing with robotic automation
We're ready to go into production, and our capability doesn't stop at a single process. We can produce both parts and finished assemblies. We can also simplify your logistics by accepting drop shipments, procuring material, and with a full wood shop, can prepare bulk material or sheet-goods for processing.
We have manual, semi-automated, and fully automated robotic machine and tooling capabilities for both small and large runs.
Mechanical and Graphic Design
Mechainical and graphical design services
Need assistance with your disign concept or mechanical drawings? Put our design expertise to work. We can help design logos, branding, mechanical parts, and assemblies. We can produce print, engrave, and cut-ready files from your input.
Prototyping & Process Development
Prototyping and Process Development
We're continuously creating unique products which often include the testing of new materials and development of new processes. We can identify what process is right for the look and feel of your product. We also have the ability to design and develop custom fixtures and tooling in-house to speed up prototyping and production setups.
Packaging, protection, and presentation solutions
Shown here is an example of a custom box developed to look like a book for Foredge Puzzles. It has engraved branding and a full color picture of the contents. Inside is a custom velvet bag to hold the puzzle pieces.
We offer both cosmetic and protective packaging design as well as sales displays for your product. We can also customize off-the-shelf packaging, especially useful for a professional look even at low volume.