Metal Marking

Our laser processes offer high resolution indelible marks on metal with unmatched flexibility. We offer a host of additive, subtractive, and material property change solutions to achieve different finishes where high contrast, tone-on-tone, or light refracting graphics are all possible. The results are highly resistant to chemicals, heat, and abrasion helping you meet the most demanding environmental specifications. MIL-STD-130 specifications for mark permanency are easily met on nearly any shape and texture. Unique identification (UID), logos, 2D barcodes, and human readable information can be applied at very small scale.

Compounds are "fired" on to the surface with laser leaving a high contrast mark a few ten thousands of an inch thick.
Paint or coating is ablated from the surface leaving the underlying material exposed.
Property change:
Anodized surfaces can be bleached and steel can be annealed leaving contrasting marks without ink to scratch off or wear away.