Slate and stone engraving

We use a variety of methods to achieve the highest quality imagery on stone for your commercial or residential project.

Stone is turned a lighter color at high resolution though light ablation of the surface.
UV curable ink is printed onto the surface. White underbase can be applied under the print area for accurate color representation.
Marking with dark contrast:
Laser is used to fire dark contrasting material onto the surface of lighter stone to increase contrast.
Melting stone into glass:
The stone's surface can be melted with the concentrated heat of a laser beam. With slate and other clay based stone, minerals in the stone determine the contrasting color. Resolution is slightly less than other methods, but the resulting glass remains integral with the surface and will last the life of the stone. By tightly controlling the process, the glass can bubble and cool so that a texture remains above the original surface.
A more time consuming process where significant material is removed from the substrate surface resulting in depth to the engraving. The engraving is the same color as the base material, but paint can be added for contrast or color.