Wood engraving, cutting, burning

Laser engraving is a beautiful compliment to wooden pieces. A natural looking appearance can be achieved with incredible detail. Our ability to cut and engrave material in one operation provides perfect registration of graphics on parts. Paint can be used to accent engravings and bring color contrast or full-color printing is also available for a complete branding solution. Our rotary capabilities can turn objects for a full-circumference engraving. We have a full wood shop for preparing materials and offer customization of decorative architectural detail, fretwork ornaments, picture frames, and build many other custom wood products.

Engraving area: 47" x 24" with material capacity of 53" x 60"+ x 8"+
Max typical cutting thickness: ~3/4" depending on wood type.
Max rotary size: 6" diameter x 34" long.
Object printing height: up to 11"