Plastic engraving, marking, and cutting

There is a vast selection of plastic formulations, colors, compounds, and coatings. Our CO2 and YVO4 lasers provide an array of results to meet your marking needs. Acrylic can be both cut and engraved to make durable indoor and outdoor signs; ABS can be marked without inks; plastics imitating other materials like metal can be used to save cost in cosmetic applications. Processing can be broken down into three major catagories.

Compounds are "fired" on to the surface with laser leaving a high contrast mark where none would otherwise be possible.
Material is ablated from the surface, giving depth and shadow to the engraving.
Property change:
Some plastics can be "foamed" with localized heat from our lasers to produce a raised mark and lighter color contrast while we can use localized burn to produce contrasting marks on others.